Wildlife surveys at Woodlands Farm

Woodlands Farm has announced a further series of wildlife survey events as follows:

Pond Survey – Friday 29th April, 11am

Bumblebee Survey – Fri 13th May, 2pm

Pond Survey – Wed 18th May, 3pm

Pond Survey – Thurs 26th May, 2pm

Pond Survey – Tues 7th June, 2pm

At some point the Farm will also be doing their bluebell survey, date to be confirmed. The bluebells have started coming out so it may be Wednesday next week.

Hannah Ricketts, Education Officer, The Woodlands Farm Trust. 331 Shooters Hill, Welling, Kent. DA16 3RP. Tel: 0208 3198900.

Website:  <http://www.thewoodlandsfarmtrust.org/>


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