Newts in the spotlight: Smooth (or Common), Palmate and Great Crested in Bexley

All three native species of Newt can be found in Bexley. Only the Smooth (or Common) is widespread and likely to turn up in an average garden pond. The Palmate and Great Crested have restricted distributions in the Borough. Joe Johnson’s latest ‘Spotlight’ takes a look at these amphibians which are in the aquatic, breeding phase of their life cycle at this time of year.

We are keen to establish how far the occurrence of the Palmate Newt might extend beyond its known haunts, and would very much like to hear from anyone who lives next to or near Lesnes Abbey Woods, the Bexley side of Joydens Woods or on the western border of Bexley close to Oxleas Woods or Woodlands Farm who is certain that they have Palmate Newts in their pond.

Download the PDF file .

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