Hall Place and Danson House face complete loss of Council funding.

The charity that runs Danson House and Hall Place house and gardens on behalf of Bexley residents is facing the complete loss of funding over the next four years in Bexley Council’s latest round of cuts.

With 107,000 visitors a year the two sites are popular with local people and tourists to the area too. About half of the Council grant is used to pay for the management of the award winning gardens and an extensive area of parkland. It is not clear what will happen to either house or the park if the cuts go ahead as planned by Bexley Council.

The Trust generates substantial income itself from visitors, activities and grants.

The charity, Bexley Heritage Trust, has set up a survey for residents and visitors to express their opinions.

You can complete the survey here:


Hall Place.

Hall Place.



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5 Responses to Hall Place and Danson House face complete loss of Council funding.

  1. Jenny Oliver says:

    outrageous. have circulated this article

  2. sara says:

    A grave mistake – there is no way this loss of funding can be justified…we are already about to lose Sundridge Park Manor in Bromley….preserve our heritage..bring in more people, put on more events. Do what ever it takes..these are unique and beautiful places. Respect them. Forget the new shopping centres if necessary..these are far far more important. Your children will tell you so.

  3. Paul Gallagher says:

    Why don’t our politicians take a pay cut instead like the rest of us.
    It would be a shame to lose our heritage because of cuts so they
    can line their pockets.

  4. Sue Powis says:

    Is the fact that the outgoing Bexley chairperson, sick leave golden handshake and new job in any way connected with the poverty of council spend within this area?

  5. patricia youngs says:

    Why oh why is it always the important things in life that suffer from these cuts, not the spending on cars, meals, excessive time wasting meetings that all local authorities appear to enjoy.

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