Floating Pennywort removal at Sidcup Golf Club

A good sized team of around 30 from a selection of groups, including Sidcup Golf Club, Thames21 and North West Kent Countryside Partnership, turned up to the  event this morning for invasive plant removal, organised and led by Friends of the Shuttle, and a great deal was achieved.

Much of this problem plant lies out of reach from the banks and experience gained today will be used to plan for more effective removal in future.


Parts of the river flowing through the site have extensive patches of Pennywort.


Large swathes of the plant also line the banks of the lake.


Material needs to be pulled close to the banks with rakes for removal.


Then wheelbarrowing away from the banks for later collection and disposal. It can’t be left adjacent to the banks in case it gets washed back in during heavy rain.

A grapple was used to access the weed in the centre of the waterways.


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