Braeburn Park (LWT reserve): report of November 13th workday

Seven volunteers faced a massive task, heavy showers and sunny spells and a huge 50′ x 4′ high pile of brush to burn through; as well as opening up of the south facing sloping banks, to allow in good sunlight and then see what the seed bank offers up next Spring. This is just one area of many areas that are being opened up in a similar way over the coming winter months at Braeburn Park Nature Reserve, during regular weekly workdays, leaving good bird habitat, whilst also helping to create suitable reptile basking (lots of stones, rocks & etc), and large areas for heat-loving invertebrates too.

The bonfire was slow to get underway due to the damping down from the showers but once alight, huge progress was made; completely clearing the cuttings from a previous working party along with dealing with the arisings from today’s endeavours.

Transferring cuttings to the fire turned up the only signs of wildlife; an immature toad, which may have been in breeding condition, and was returned to a suitable damp patch to resume hibernating.

To get involved with this large site, which is only a five minute walk from Crayford railway station, please contact the reserve manager Shaun Marriott

Martin Watts

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