‘Bexley Wildlife’

‘Bexley Wildlife’ is the ‘working name’ for the collaboration between the Greener Bexley Charity and Bexley Natural Environment Forum that set up and manages this website and its companion Facebook page at:


to publish material that will encourage and advance the study, enjoyment, protection and enhancement of nature in Bexley, to highlight related sustainability issues, to improve the exchange of information between relevant groups in the Borough and act as a one-stop-shop for such information for members of the public.

Occasional informal ‘wildlife socials’  have been run under the ‘Bexley Wildlife’ name, with a few short talks at the beginning, to further these purposes.

The sites are primarily managed by Jonathan Rooks (GB) and Chris Rose (BNEF). We encourage organisers of wildlife and conservation groups in the Borough to take on the job of posting their own material to our sites, and have granted editing and posting rights to a number of regular contributors of articles about and photographs of Bexley wildlife, including Karen Sutton, Richard Spink, Donna Zimmer, Steve Carter, Kim Ilsley, Jane Stout and Joe Johnson.

A Bexley Wildlife social event at Bexley Village Library

A ‘Bexley Wildlife’ social event at Bexley Village Library