‘Bexley Wildlife’ welcomes 500th Facebook page ‘like’

‘Bexley Wildlife’ website’s sister Facebook page took two years to reach 400 ‘likes’, but in the last two months has accrued another 100 followers to reach a total of 501.

Jonathan Rooks, co-founder of the ‘Bexley Wildlife’ web platforms said “We’re really pleased at the way these sites are developing and helping to get more people involved.  A key aim of the sites is to use information to increase the level of interest and expertise in nature in the Borough of Bexley, and people’s enjoyment of it, in turn encouraging more people to get active in hands-on local wildlife conservation work. On the basis that information can also be power, we have also been working to mobilise people in support of campaigns for protecting and enhancing wildlife and open spaces in Bexley, and against the increasing number of threats that seek to diminish and impoverish these things that we value so much.”

Jonathan Rooks runs the 'Greener Bexley' charity.

Jonathan Rooks, a co-founder of the ‘Bexley Wildlife’ web platforms, runs the ‘Greener Bexley’ charity.

He added “We would like to thank all those who have contributed to the content and success of our sites so far. We welcome new written and photographic material for publication. Anyone can post to the Facebook page, or post comments on the website, and we have been gradually growing the ‘BW’ team by granting full posting rights to a number of people willing and able to make a greater contribution.”

382 ‘likes’ to date are from people in London, with most appearing to be from in or near Bexley, whilst additional followers have been more specific about their locations, citing Bexleyheath, Sidcup, Dartford and Gravesend. We also have a few followers from further afield, including the USA, Australia, the Phillipines, Spain and Russia.

At present women outnumber men by almost 2 to 1. Half of all ‘likes’ are from the 35-54 age group, whilst the numbers under 25 and those over 55 are evenly balanced.

How long will it take to get to 1,000 ?????

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