Bexley Council asks residents to sponsor trees

Street trees are shown to have positive impacts on health, wildlife and property values. Unfortunately many trees planted by the council fail. It is reported that the Council will plant trees when they are ‘sponsored’.

Hopefully this is in addition to a current programme, but in view of the cuts to all activities related to the environment, this seems unlikely.

Interesting to see that the cost is £230. We have seen many street trees die within two years and not be replaced, so it would be interesting to know what guarantees are given with street plantings.


In response to a number of residents asking for trees to be replaced, or new trees to be planted in their local area, Bexley Council has introduced a Sponsor-A-Tree scheme.

This includes the supply and planting of the tree with stakes and tree guard, as well as two years’ of maintenance to help the tree establish.

The Council is anticipating that the cost could be shared among neighbours, local residents’ groups or businesses wanting to improve their local area.

For more information about Sponsor-A-Tree please call 020 8303 7777.

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1 Response to Bexley Council asks residents to sponsor trees

  1. Paul McQuillen says:

    If street trees in grass verges are not replaced then the grass verge could be under threat if the property owner wants to have a new or extended driveway crossover. Also the opportunity to replace the tree in that location is often lost. This has happened on many Bexley roads resulting in ‘wall to wall’ hard landscaping devoid of flora and more ‘urban’ than many inner London roads. How many hectares of soft landscaping and grass verges have been lost to parking and crossovers in Bexley in the past 10 years? Does Bexley have a streetscape manual for ‘design guidance’ for quality of environment or does ‘anything go’ to keep residents/voters happy?

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