Woodlands Farm starts Bee count programme

Woodlands Farm, straddling the Bexley / Greenwich border on Shooters Hill, has signed up to take part in the Bumblebee Conservation Trust bee walk project this year.  This will involve doing a walk round the farm once a month on a set route and recording any bumblebees seen.  This is every month from March to October, so should everyone involved busy!  The first one will be on Monday at 2pm. , meeting in the Farmyard, and will be used to both map the route for the rest of the year and record any sightings, though not much may be seen if it’s  chilly, but hopefully it will be a nice walk anyway.

Ffi/to join in: Hannah Forshaw Education Officer, <education@thewoodlandsfarmtrust.org>

More info on the survey project is at:


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