Information on wildlife recording projects in Bexley.

There is great value in submitting your own records to the sites of conservation groups. The better the picture we have of distribution and abundance of species, the better able we are to monitor changes (usually reductions) in populations and pressure for change.

For excample, the 2014 review of Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation in Bexley Borough has been informed by the records kept by local conservationists

There are national projects, Citizen Science is the popular term, which you can submit records too, for example:

The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch in January each year.

Nature’s Calendar run by the Woodland Trust

There is also great value in regular recording of bird observations.

Cornell University in the USA maintain a website that compiles data from observations made by birdwatchers all over the world. They have records of observations of over 90% of the world’s species.

Their site, gives details of how you can do this too.

You can set up specific locations if you birdwatch regularly at a particular point (e.g. your own home) and the list comes up as a tick box so they are easy to enter (it is a British list). The data can be analysed and lists for sites reviewed. At the moment, there is not much information for Bexley sites – but we can change that!

We would encourage you to submit records of your nature observations so we can build a better picture of our environment.

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