Welling botany meeting adds probable new species to Bexley list

Rodney Burton writes:

One London Natural History Society member was the only other person who turned up to this April 25th meeting! We recorded about 100 species in each of two monads. The only item of special interest was a good patch of Sea Pearlwort (Sagina maritima) at the base of a lamp post in Bellegrove Road, west of the turning to Central Avenue. How it got there is anybody’s guess. I doubt if it’s been recorded on your stretch of the tideway, so it’s likely to be a first record for Bexley. [That is probably the case as the species does not appear in the latest Bexley dataset from GiGL, the London Biodiversity Records Centre. Chris Rose]

I was hoping to be able to get to the Bexley part of Woodlands Farm while in the neighbourhood, to look for rosettes of Corky-fruited Water-dropwort (Oenanthe pimpinelloides) [see http://www.bexleywildlife.org/corky-fruited-water-dropwort-a-new-record-for-this-very-scarce-london-species-in-bexley/ ], but I hadn’t researched access properly, and found I couldn’t get there from the footpath round the outside of Hillview Cemetery.

Stitchwort, Bluebells and Wood Sage were under trees near the sign about the ‘Hillview Haven’ wildflower meadow – probably hangovers from the pre-cemetery era.

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