Thames21 events Foots Cray Meadows next week

Additional Volunteer Thames21 (Cray Catchment) Events  Next Week!!

As mentioned as a possibility in my previous e mail concerning Thames21 events here are some short notice activities which changing commitments have allowed me to offer for Thames21 river keepers to address some ad hoc issues..

Wednesday 30th April Foots Cray Meadows. Meet 10:00 Rectory Lane Car park, DA14 5BP – I have acquired a bag of marginal wildflower seeds which need to be sowed now and an ideal site will be pond 9 (Our wooden fenced pond) which still needs cheering up and this may help!, Also river some river work to clear some of the wooden debris that has caught up down stream of five arches. The larger pieces need to be retrieved for our forthcoming river habitat enhancement work. There is also from the Easter Weekend litter in and around the lake river, rubbish collected at the grill at the Royal Park Outfall. So a bit of a session for a few volunteers.

Thursday 1st May we will return to Foots Cray Meadows The (provisional) meeting point is as Wednesday 10:00 Rectory Lane Car Park, Rectory Lane DA14 5BP – There is a possibility of some flood management work at the Five Arches – this is subject to confirmation and therefore if this does not happen we may relocate our activities elsewhere or finishing off as of Wednesday.

Please drop me a line if you are able to attend for waders etc. Your assistance as ever is much appreciated as without volunteer support we cannot achieve or objectives..

Hope to catch up with you next week

Many Thanks


River Cray Project Officer

T    020 7248 7171
M   07968 805 751

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