Stag Beetle Survey 2015

The first Stag Beetle reports for the year are coming in.


In addition to letting us know you can support the national survey run by the People’s Trust for Endangered Species.

If you want to know what you can do to aid Stag Beetles in your garden

Download the PDF file .

This can be downloaded at:

More information on Stag Beetle projects at:

Bexley Council has an Action Plan for Stag beetles as a part of its Biodiversity Action Plan.

Action plan details – Bexley BAP Stag Beetle Species Action Plan 2010-2015

Plan status: Implementation underway

Vision statement The stag beetle, Britain’s largest beetle, is scarce and declining, and is protected under the European Union’s Habitats Directive. South-east London, including Bexley, still supports strong populations of this spectacular insect, which is a common sight in the borough’s parks and gardens in summer. We want to ensure that Bexley remains a stronghold for the stag beetle in the future.

Provide additional dead wood habitat, such a logpiles, buried dead wood and standing dead wood, on at least 30 sites by 2015 Some progress (on schedule) 10/12/2010 Dead wood habitats have been created in at least 5 sites in 2010.

Status PO03- 03 Undertake enhancements to the nature area at East Wickham Primary School, including creation of a pond and 4 square metres of wildflower meadow and istallation of 2 logpiles and an “insect hotel”. 25/08/2010 – 17/09/2010 North West Kent Countryside Partnership, Bexley London Borough Council Completed

SB01- 01 Place 200 metres of logs around edges of meadow areas at East Wickham Open Space, to delineate the meadow areas and provide dead wood habitat 01/01/2010 – 30/06/2010 Bexley London Borough Council Completed

SB01- 02 Retain dead wood within woodlands in the Council’s open spaces to provide habitat for stag beetles and other invertebrates. This can be standing dead wood, buried dead wood or log piles. 01/01/2010 – 31/12/2015 Bexley London Borough Council Underway (on schedule)

SB01- 03 Leave all felled tree stumps in situ when trees are removed in the Council’s parks and open spaces (other than woodland), unless in a formal area or too small to be easily avoided by grass cutting equipment. Where possioble, large dead trees are delimbed and the tunks left standing. 01/01/2010 – 31/12/2015 Bexley London Borough Council Underway (on schedule)

SB01- 04 Install a logpile, and insect hotel and 4 bat boxes at Sherwood Park Primary School. 01/08/2010 – 30/09/2010 North West Kent Countryside Partnership, Bexley London Borough Council Completed

SB01- 05 Install untreated logs as seats which also provide dead wood habitat in the meadow area at Crossway Park 01/01/2010 – 30/06/2010 Gallions Housing Association Completed

WO03- 05 Remove dead and dying hybrid poplars and plant 9900 square metres of mixed deciduous woodland and 1400 square metres of wet woodland in Woodland Way as the first stage of replacing the poplar plantation with native woodland. The planting will include 75 native black poplars. Large trunks and stumps from the felled poplars to be left on site where appropriate as dead wood habitat and to block access for motor bikes.

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