Local conservationists work with the sow thistle recognised in Lost In London magazine.

Local conservationist Chris Rose has been managing the Thames Road Wetland for some years now and has worked with others to grow the endangered marsh sow thistle and reintroduce it to the site. It is now, no longer extinct in London.

The reintroduction of this plant to the site is covered in the current edition of  Lost in London magazine: https://app.box.com/s/dnrvdgtedf08kj4uk4vi

This  work shows that we can all contribute significantly to the conservation of endangered species even in our own back yards.

Lost in London looks a very good magazine, more information http://www.lostinlondonmagazine.com/

Information about the distribution (such as it is) from the Online Atlas of British and Irish Flora at http://www.brc.ac.uk/plantatlas/index.php?q=node/2229

The flowers of the marsh sow-thistle (Sonchus palustris)

The flowers of the marsh sow-thistle
(Sonchus palustris)

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