SOGS campaign seeks tree info and protection plans for threatened sites

The Save our Green Spaces Campaign group has submitted a Freedom of Information Request to Bexley Council (set out below) , asking for details of the many trees that occur on sites that the Council is considering for sale, and what the council intends to do to protect them if the sites are sold.


Colin Rowland

Head of Parks and Open Spaces

London Borough of Bexley

Dear Colin


I am writing on behalf of the Save Our Green Spaces Campaign (SOGSC) set up by Bexley Natural Environment Forum (BNEF) to campaign against Bexley Council’s  proposed sale of 27 parks and other green spaces in the borough

Bexley Council’s website states that “Trees are an important natural asset and contribute to the quality of the urban and rural environment” and that they “ play an important role in the ecological system and can filter noise and pollution”.  It goes on to say “As a matter of principle, the Council is concerned about the amount of unjustified pruning and felling of trees that takes place”.

SOGSC and BNEF welcome the Council’s commitment to trees in the borough. In the light of these statements, we would be interested to know (under Freedom of Information legislation) a) the number and type of trees on each of the 27 green spaces identified for sale; and b) how the Council proposes to protect these trees if the sites are sold.  I understand that the Council recently conducted an audit of trees in the borough and therefore assume that this information is readily available.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,  Mandy Stevens, SOGSC

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