Small mammal survey trapping at Woodlands Farm

Mammal surveys start this month.  Last year we managed to survey every week throughout September and October, would be good to try this again although is a lot of work. Anyway here are some dates for the first few weeks and we will see how we get on. Unfortunately my normal supplier of blowfly pupae no longer does them so having to look elsewhere, however thought we would start anyway and hopefully will have them sorted by the second week of surveys.

We may try and use our GPS to record the locations and then see if we get a pattern of where the traps have something in.  Best start looking at GPS instructions!!  I have done a mixture of week days as know certain volunteers cannot do certain days so hopefully will mean everyone can come along at some point.

Tuesday 8th September – 3.30pm  Put out traps

Wednesday 9th September – 9am.  Empty traps

Monday 14th Sept – 3.30pm  Put out traps

Tuesday 15th Sept – 9am.  Empty traps

Thursday 24th Sept.  3.30pm  Put out traps

Friday 25th Sept 9am Empty traps.

Hannah Forshaw, Education Officer, The Woodlands Farm Trust, 331 Shooters Hill, Welling. Tel: 0208 3198900. <> Website:


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