Sites at risk of sell-off by Bexley Council

The sites at risk of sell-off by Bexley Council finally revealed.

We will be adding information to these pages as we respond to the threat to our open spaces.

Bexley Council initially refused to reveal the sites at risk even after Freedom of Information requests. Now revealed, the list of highway land and public open space at risk.

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Photos of all the sites:

1 Berwick Crescent (triangular site to east), Sidcup (Open Space)

2 Bexley Road, Erith ( Open Space)

3 Millfield Open Space, Crayford (Open Space)

4 Wilde Road East, Northumberland Heath (Open Space)

5 Wilde Road West, Northumberland Heath (Open Space)

6 Hook Lane Open Space, Welling (Open Space)

7 Land adjacent to 115 Frinsted Road, Erith (Highway)

8 Gable Close and Maiden Lane, Crayford (Highway)

9 Land adjacent to 44 Maximfeldt Road, Erith (Highway)

10 Land adjacent to 1 Holly Hill Road, Erith (Highway)

11 Land adjacent to 1 Slade Garden, Slade Green (Highway)

12 Land adjacent to 14 Stuart Rd Welling (Highway)

13 Junction of Napier Road and Wellington Road, Erith (Highway)

14 Land fronting 11 & 12 Court Avenue, Belvedere (Highway)

15 Land fronting 65-69 Blackfen Road, Sidcup (Highway)

16 Land adjacent to 246 Bedonwell Road, Belvedere (Highway)

17 Land adjacent to 95 The Grove, Bexley (Highway)

18 Land at St James and North Cray Road, Sidcup (Highway)

19 Land at Gayton Road adjacent to 28 Wilton Road, Abbey Wood (Highway)

20 Land adjacent to 154 Upper Abbey Road (Highway)

21 Berwick Crescent (two corner plots to south west), Sidcup (Open

22 Old Farm Park, Sidcup (Eastern half) (Open Space)

23 Old Manor Way Playground, Bexleyheath (Open Space)

24 West Street Small Park, Erith (Open Space)

25 Erith Station/Stonewood Road, Erith (Highway)

26 Land at junction of Fraser Road and Alford Road, Erith (Highway)

27 Land adjacent to 1 Pearswood Road, Northend, Erith (Highway)


1 Response to Sites at risk of sell-off by Bexley Council

  1. John Browning says:

    See how 19 of the 27 sites are in a few northern wards. Then they will offer more sites in south Bexleyheath and Welling, and then many more sites in Bexley and Sidcup.

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