Sick or injured wild animals

In the event of finding injured or sick animals, the following information and organisations may be of assistance:

Willow Wildlife Rescue  based in Chislehurst may be able to help if you find an animal that is in difficulties, such as a Swan tangled up in fishing line, or an injured Hedgehog.

Bats: The Bat Conservation Trust runs a helpline, which continues ‘out of hours’, should you come across an injured Bat:

Tel. 0345 1300 228

For advice about injured birds see:

Any bird thought to have been attacked by a cat needs to be got to a vet within 48 hours or it is highly likely to die from blood poisoning.

Do not move, or remove from the wild, an apparently abandoned baby bird without taking time to step away and watch for a while to make sure it is not, in fact, in the process of fledging and still being attended by adult birds.

Note that the RSPB does not itself run facilities for injured birds or other animals.