Will cuts to security affect parks?

The News Shopper carries today an article announcing Bexley Council’s plans to no longer lock the Borough’s parks at night to save £200,000 per year.

Of the Borough’s 104 parks there are only 23 that are currently locked at night, perhaps Danson is the most high profile of these.

The obvious concern is of oiks vandalising the parks at night and this is a worry for me as a trustee of the charity that manages Danson House. Our precious building is vulnerable and although we have newly installed security gates it could be a target for vandals or thieves.

Having said that, a majority of parks couldn’t be secured anyway.

It will be interesting to monitor vandalism in the affected parks and see if the consequences (if any) cost more than the security.

The justification for the cuts?

According to Councillor Gareth Bacon – “It will save the council £200,000 a year. Our budget has been cut by one third from central government and more money has gone towards social services.”


The third point is of course that the Conservatives have been determined not to put up the Council Tax for four years so have restricted their options on spending for political reasons. It is a little disingenuous to blame it all on the Government and the need to support local residents through social services.

The newspaper coverage here:


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  1. jonathanrooks@virginmedia.com says:

    Further coverage in the local paper about the Council’s decision to leave parks unlocked at night. Concerns expressed about security and safety particularly at Danson Park where there is a pub/restaurant as well as heritage property Danson House.


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