Reptiles and Amphibians in Bexley

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    First warm weekend of the year brings out reptiles with sightings of Common Lizards in Barnehurst and Barnes Cray. Chris Rose reports:

    8 March 13:07
    Saw my first Common Lizard of the season yesterday, down at Thames Road Wetland in Barnes Cray, LB Bexley – it was on one of my re-deployed fly-tipped-tyre basking site constructions, currently being improved with the use of logs off a large Poplar which was sadly (not least because of the Mistletoe that was on it) decimated in the various gales this winter.

    9 March 21:03
    One adult Common Lizard with no tail was out yesterday (8th March), basking on wooden steps down to one of my allotments in Barnehurst. Allowed me to get my face 6″ from it. Today a very small one from last year’s births was on a log in the main Helianthemum bed, and 2 on the head of the old ‘Scarecrow’ propped against a bank on my second plot.

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