The ‘Projects’ section of our ‘Get involved’ section will concentrate on hands-on conservation actions that readers can get involved with. Note that many of the organisations listed in our ‘Groups’ section have ongoing projects which they are keen for new people to help them with, and details will not necessarily be repeated here.

Projects listed here will often be those being conducted outside of the auspices of an existing group. We will also list ideas for projects which we would like to see conducted if we can encourage enough people to come forward to provide the increased capacity we need to take them forward.

Some of these ideas will be things that students could do to fulfill the practical project requirements of biological / environmental science degree and other courses. We are happy to be approached by students with other ideas, or who may be looking for thoughts and advice on projects they could do to benefit sustainability and wildlife conservation in Bexley, though it should be noted that we do not necessarily have the capacity to provide day-to-day mentoring in this regard.

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