No more wind in Mill Willows for now as bridge works result in cutting back

Trees at the Old Mill in Bexley village have been cut back to make way for bridge strengthening works, but River Cray project officer Michael Heath encouraged the landowner to have them pruned/pollarded within the TfL budget rather than removed, so they should be allowed to grow back, which the Willows should do quite quickly one next spring comes.

Presumably this work is to allow the craning in of components, as trees on the opposite side of the road have also been trimmed back. The pines will probably not recover, though.

Trees by the Cray at Old Mill (Google Earth street view)

Trees by the Cray at Old Mill (Google Earth street view)

Tree removal (the pines won't regrow) and pruning (the Willows should grow back strongly) (Photo: Ralph Todd)

This tree removal (the pines won’t regrow) and pruning (the Weeping Willows should grow back strongly) is associated with what is said to be an urgent need to strengthen the weak bridge over the Cray by the Old Mill. (Photo: Ralph Todd)

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Another view of the work (Photo: Ralph Todd)

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