Next BNEF meeting is a walk around important sites in Bexley Village

Next BNEF meeting Wednesday 23rd July
As Bexley Natural Environment Forum plans to have a rather more informal meeting and a stroll around in Bexley, there is not a formal agenda for the meeting.
As a reminder of the details.  We plan to meet at 7pm as usual at the entrance to St. Mary’s Churchyard in Bexley and follow the footpath around to Vicarage Road.  The adjoining site has been discussed on numerous occasions at our meetings, and is currently the worst managed privately-owned Site of Importance for Nature Conservation in the Borough. It used to be a fantastic piece of scrubland, and was the last place in Bexley where a Nightingale was heard, back in 2010, prior to it being repeatedly ‘bulldozed’ by the owners or an as yet unidentified agent of theirs.
St. Mary's Church, Bexley Village. The starting point of the walk.

St. Mary’s Church, Bexley Village. The walk’s starting point.

 From here we will again follow the footpath round to the top of the hill and onto Norman Pearsons House, with his kind permission, to view the planting he carried out several years ago and to look at Tile Kiln Lane, the recent site of much fly tipping where Norman has been actively involved in ensuring that the matter is not lain to rest.
I look forward to seeing you all there and trust that the weather will hold fair for us.
Kind Regards

The minutes of the last meeting are at

The Chair’s annual report for 13/14 is here:

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