London Bat atlas published

Bexley fairly poorly recorded – opportunity to help fill data gaps!

The London Bat Group has drawn on a database of 27,000 records from 1985 to the present day, gathered by an army of London Bat Group members over the years, as well as thousands of records contributed by other members of the Greenspace Information for Greater London (GiGL) partnership, to map and analyse – with GiGL’s help – occurrence and roosting records at a 1km square resolution across the capital.

For a copy go to:

The London Bat Group hopes to use The Bat Atlas of London to galvanise support for bat conservation in the capital. Copies have been sent to all London authority planning departments. The atlas can also be used to direct survey effort to areas of London where there are gaps in our knowledge of bat distribution and status.

It will be noted from the map on page 9 that Bexley (and most other outer London Boroughs) are relatively poorly recorded, despite – one would imagine – having more Bats than central London. There is an opportunity here for local Bat enthusiasts to start filling in some of the gaps! If anyone fancies setting up a Bexley Bat Group to co-ordinate the job of doing this, let us know ……

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