Last chance to save the parks?

Last chance to object to park sell off if you haven’t already.

Large park at risk of development. Houses or open space?

Large park at risk of development. Houses or open space?

What I said. Jonathan Rooks.

I put this same comment in all four boxes (each site) as none of them should be sold off.

I object.

Public Open Space, whatever its size plays an important role in the welfare of the local residents.

1. Research after research shows the association of access to green space with improved physical and mental health.

2. The proper management of public open space allows local authorities the opportunity to mitigate against climate change.

3. In addition, the proper management of public open space can play a significant role in the preservation of wildlife

The three above all fall in one way or another under the responsibilites of a local authority.

Further, the proximity of public open space has been demonstrated to increase the value of property.

All four of these points should be of concern to a local authority and quite apart from any moral concerns should be sufficient to ensure the protection of public open space.

With the increased development of the borough, intensification of development and increasing number of homes without gardens, the Council by any serious measure of public welfare, should be trying to increase access to public open space, not reduce it.

Bexley as a borough is quite well endowed with public open space. This is not a happy accident. It is the result of former Councillors and Council Officers (of a number of authorities) taking the effort to protect their community, particularly during the inter-war years when there was extensive development in Bexley borough.

This Council is going to betray the efforts of 80+ years of civic pride because they have failed to make adequate provision to protect the borough. This is shameful.

Failure to ensure adequate financial resources by keeping a Council Tax that was too low to meet costs simply for political reasons so as to ensure the re-election of a Conservative council. Shameful.

Failure to adequately investigate alternative ways of managing public open space so as to substantially reduce costs. Very disapointing.

With Bexley Council’s contractors regularly doing uneccessary work and no serious consideration of alternative methods of site management Bexley Council is showing a failure of leadership and will bring disgrace on itself by developing public open space by demonstrating that it cannot be trusted to look after its assets.

The proposal to dispose of public open space of any size should be dismissed and the Council should work with local experts and groups to reduce the costs of management of sites.

Page 2.

Selected. Substantial reduction in grounds maintenance option as this actually does offer the opportunity to reduce costs and improve the sites in many ways, and not just for wildlife.

I made the comment.

False alternatives.

You could have avoided all of this if you hadn’t artificially held down Council Tax for political reasons.

The Council has not seriously reviewd how the sites could be alternatively managed and should do this before it even begins to think about disposals.

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