Kent Botanical Recording Group

KBRG is affiliated to the Botanical Society of Britian and Ireland (BSBI), but you do not have to be a member of the parent organisation to join and there is currently no membership fee.

The group records across both the Watsonian Vice-counties of VC15 (East Kent) and VC16 (West Kent – which includes the London Boroughs formerly in the administrative County of Kent, and thus the Borough of Bexley).

A newsletter is distributed to members by e-mail, as is a rare plant register for this wider definition of Kent. A series of accounts for the rare plants in the area is gradually being produced by alphabetical order.

Field trips are run (usually in modern-day Kent), with a particular focus on trying to find (or re-find) uncommon species.

The flowers of the marsh sow-thistle (Sounchus palustris)

The flowers of the marsh sow-thistle (Sonchus palustris)

A reasonable prior botanical knowledge is required to get the most out of this group. To learn more about the basics first, the London Natural
History Society is a good organisation to join.



We will announce any local meetings.

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