Astonishing misbehaviour in a park – Jet Ski at Footscray Meadows!

Jetski being used at Five Arches!

It’s been reported to the Police, but any other witnesses?

One of correspondents witnesses astonishing misuse of a park and reports it to the local Community Officer.

Though I am sure that you have been informed of this by Bexley Police I was the person who reported, late yesterday afternoon, the fact that there was someone in a jetski riding up and down the River Cray near Five Arches Bridge.  I was walking toward the river from the direction of The Grove where I had parked my car and I could not believe my eyes – a jetski riding up and down in front of me in the wide part of the river by the bridge.

I immediately rang 999 to report this and by the time I got to the other side of the bridge in order to film/video it as evidence it had been removed from the river and put on a trailer behind a sort of a motor bike which sped across the meadows in the direction of Albany Park.  I could not get any details as it was too far away by the time I could film but another witness (a lady) coming from that direction, who was as incensed as I was, said that it was a man who had two children with him.  The jetski was white with, I think, a coloured stripe on the side (?).

Naturally, there was no sign of any water birds because of the noise and disruption.  How can this happen?  I was rung back by Bexley Police who gave me a crime reference number and I was told that this is an ongoing problem.

I despair.  What is this doing to the wildlife?  Surely, this has got to be investigated and stopped.  Someone locally must have seen this jetski or seen it in transit or know who the perpetrators are?


Any information can be sent to the PCSO :

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