Current issues

The ‘Issues’ part of our ‘Get involved’ section will deal with ‘live’ matters such as policy proposals and upcoming planning decisions that actually or potentially affect sustainability, open spaces and wildlife conservation interests in the Borough of Bexley. Relevant material may emanate from Government, the GLA, Bexley Council, various statutory bodies, national and regional nature conservation organisations, businesses and local groups and individuals.

See our ‘Resources’ section for material relating  to cases that are ‘closed’ (at least for the time being). Here you will find documents, such as submissions on previous Council consultations and planning applications, that may be of use in drafting responses to current issues.

The subject matter addressed in this ‘Issues’ section will include proposed legislation such as on biodiversity off-setting, strategic planning documentation, planning applications, threats to important trees (with or without) Tree Preservation Orders and things like habitat management plans and regimes for wildlife sites in Bexley .

To get involved with these matters on a Bexley-wide level please join Bexley Natural Environment Forum. We need your help.

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