Interesting roadside vegetation before the Council cuts it all down.

The Council’s contractors are quite good a identifying the verge areas planted with bulbs and not cutting these down until the leaves of the bulbs have had the chance to die back. I suppose we have to be grateful for that.

However, when you see what grows in some of these areas, you can’t help but wish that there was a more enlightened mowing regime in Bexley and that we could see more sights like these.


These buttercups in Footscray Lane show what the verges could look like. They would need litter-picking and probably a mow around the edges so that it looks deliberate, but I’d much rather see this than closely mown grass and ‘lollipop trees’.

Our roundabouts, verges and parks could be a lot more interesting and attractive with a little thought and willingness to vary the contracts for grounds maintenance.


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