New Housing Zone on Thamesmead ‘brownfield site’

More homes in Bexley.

There’s ‘brownfield’ and ‘brownfield’. Some brownfield sites are important wildlife areas.

What’s on the site at the moment?

Do you think Public Open Space will be incorporated into the development at the same time as Bexley is destroying sites elsewhere?


Extracted from full press release at:

Mayor names London’s first Housing Zones

20 February 2015
• Fast tracking 28,000 new homes for Londoners in nine zones across the capital
• Vast regeneration over thousands of hectares driven by £260m of new investment
The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has today named London’s first Housing Zones. In nine boroughs, spanning the length and breadth of the city, the new Zones will bring forward enormous regeneration and transform key areas of the capital, with £260m of new investment to deliver 28,000 much needed new homes across the capital.
London’s first Housing Zones will unlock the redevelopment of 1897.42 hectares of brownfield land across the capital, the equivalent of 2,656 football pitches. The special status has been awarded to areas identified by London boroughs as key opportunity sites, to maximise development, fast track homes and deliver much needed infrastructure to boost development.   The Housing Zone status will remain until 2025.
Part of the Mayor’s commitment to double housebuilding as London’s population continues to boom, the first of the new Zones will create more than 56,000 construction jobs on 52 schemes across the capital. Creating first class new neighbourhoods, measures agreed within the Zones include: 5 station upgrades; 5 new schools; 4 new bridges, 2 new civic centres; a new park, a new ‘3G’ football pitch, shops, restaurants, and libraries. They will also include more than 9,000 low cost homes, for some of the capital’s most essential workers.   The areas selected will also benefit from planning focus and the release of publicly owned land for development.
London’s first 9 Housing Zones:
Abbey Wood and South Thamesmead: This 13.42 hectare area lies between Abbey Wood Station – the terminus of Crossrail – and Southmere Lake. It is expected that the Zone create a new urban boulevard and create an new town centre within the heart of Thamesmead. It will also offer huge opportunities to deliver over 1,300 new homes and thousands of jobs through unlocking existing cleared sites and creating new local commercial space.
Councillor Teresa O’Neill, Leader, London Borough of Bexley, said: ‘With housing zone status and the GLA’s funding support we are looking forward to working to increase investment and unlock the delivery of new housing. We can support positive physical, social and economic change in the neighbourhood and help Thamesmead to really come of age.’
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