Holes for Hedgehogs

I am going to be making a hole at ground level in the fences either side of my garden this weekend in support of the PTES campaign, Hedgehog Street.

I can’t say I’ve ever seen a hedgehog in my garden, but if they can’t get in….

I have a record from Rectory Lane (just off Sidcup High Street) from 3 years ago. Anyone seen hedgehogs in the Borough?

More on adapting gardens to suit hedgehogs at:

British Mamals - Hedgehog

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2 Responses to Holes for Hedgehogs

  1. Jo says:

    I came home from the gym on Thursday night to find one trotting across our lawn. We put some water out for it but it soon disappeared off under the fence into next doors garden. We back onto Old Farm park.

  2. W. Rose says:

    I saw one in my garden on Birkbeck Road, must be 5 years ago now. Never seen it since, and neighbours have put up fences with no gaps either side…

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