FotS: third Danson Lake clean-up to take place on November 14th

On November 14th Friends of the Shuttle will be running their third big Danson Park lake clean-up. Danson lake drains into the River Shuttle in Bexley Park woods. Despite two previous such events which removed a large amount of rubbish, there is still an appalling amount of litter floating about on the lake and embedded in the silt on the bottom, due to a combination of irresponsibility from the public and years of inaction from other quarters.

DPL clean up

This is a great chance to make further inroads into the problem, which will benefit the appearance of the lake and all the wildlife it supports. Volunteers are asked to let FotS know they are coming in advance to help plan the amount of equipment needed. If you’re willing to put waders on to get a rubbish in deeper water, FotS will need to know your shoe size.


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