FotS steps up Danson wildlife and environmental action

The Friends of the Shuttle is stepping up its wildlife activity and hands-on environmental work at Danson Park during 2016. The lake drains into the Shuttle in Bexley Park Woods.

Besides fortnightly maintenance sessions in the Old English Garden, there will be another bird walk on 22nd April, a stall at the Danson Fair on 2nd and 3rd July, a litter pick around the lake on 9th July, minor clearance work and a litter pick in the wet woodland and stream by the bog and rock garden on August 11th and removal of litter from the lake on November 19th.

The Friends of the Shuttle team after the clean-up.

The Friends of the Shuttle team after the Danson lake clean-up in November 2015.

Dates have yet to be announced for a planned Bat walk in September and Ring-necked Parakeet roost count in October.

A busy schedule of events continues along the River Shuttle, including three sessions concentrating on removing Himalayan Balsam.

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