Former Mayor tells Bexley Wildlife that Danson Park not on Conservatives’ ‘Parks for Sale’ list

Commenting on one of our Facebook posts, Conservative Councillor and former Mayor Sharon Massey accused campaigners of scaremongering for having their photos taken in Danson Park and revealed that Danson is not one of the 27 public open spaces to be built on.

That leaves over 100 still at risk to a Conservative Council that seems hell bent on building on the open spaces of Bexley.

The Council has refused Freedom of Information requests to reveal their ‘hit list’ of the areas of the borough to lose their parks.

Come on Sharon tell us the other saved (for now anyway) parks!

Cllr Sharon Massey

Cllr Sharon Massey





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3 Responses to Former Mayor tells Bexley Wildlife that Danson Park not on Conservatives’ ‘Parks for Sale’ list

  1. Dave Taylor says:

    we’ve already got enough people and houses, an all day rush HOUR!…roads that are designed to slow down traffic to a stand still most days!…when I go abroad, I see fast wide roads designed to KEEP TRAFFIC MOVING?…transport that is still owned by the government with cheap fares!…and is efficient!!!…I’m ashamed of this country, we are the Laurel and Hardy of Europe and nobody takes us seriously anymore!…and I can see Chinese and other wealthy investors taking over this place and charging us to walk, work and live here!!!….If I was a youngster I’d find somewhere else!….I don’t recognise anything of the great Britain I new!….d:-(

  2. Alison Rooke says:

    Ah the power of the symbolic gesture!

  3. Alison Rooke says:

    I got in tpouch with Friends of the Earth about this campaign. This is their advice
    Unfortunately, very many communities are threatened by insensitive and inappropriate developments as are sites rich in wildlife, even those that are legally protected.

    Rather than take a direct position on developments from the national office, Friends of the Earth works to support local groups and activists in campaigns to oppose damaging developments often proposed by some of the countries biggest corporations.

    In the first instance please get in touch with the nearest local group. These can be located via:

    We also have a legal department that can help. It was set up particularly to help communities that would not otherwise have access to legal support and who are in direct need. If you feel you are in this situation or if there is a specific point of law you need clarified, please do let us know. If we can’t help directly, we may well be able to forward you to people who can. Our Rights & Justice Centre can give you professional legal advice over the phone – call Freephone 0808 801 0405 (6:30pm – 8:30pm on the first and third Wednesday of each month).

    Another organisation that is worth contacting for advice on the planning system is Planning Aid. It is staffed by volunteer experts:
    Planning Aid
    The Royal Town Planning Institute 41 Botolph Lane London EC3R 8DL

    Tel: 020 7929 9494 (RTPI)

    The Council for the Protection of Rural England have produced a selection of guides about fighting planning applications:
    Campaign for the protection of rural england
    128 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SW CPRE

    Tel: 020 7981 2800

    The Government’s Planning Portal also has a good range of guides and technical notes:
    Planning Portal Homepage:

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