Pennywort removal at Sidcup Golf Club – your help needed.

floating pennywort

Floating Pennywort, a delicate plant but it can destroy waterways.

Dear Volunteers, 

 Some of you may have attended our first event at Sidcup Golf Club last year but for those of you that didn’t, here is a little background.
Floating Pennywort is a highly invasive non-native species and it is growing in the lakes on the golf course.  As the River Shuttle runs through the course, it is in our interests to try and eradicate this plant before it spreads into the River. 
FPW forms incredibly dense mats of vegetation which can completely cover the surface of the water and it can grow up to 4 inches (20cm) in a day.  On our first visit we used rakes and other implements to physically remove as much of the plant as possible but it has reappeared this year and we need to address the issue again.
floating pennywort Simon Mortimer

A river choked with Floating Pennywort

If you are free on Thursday 24th March (Maundy Thursday) and are interested in helping then do please let us know.  
We will not be permitted to run this event unless we have a minimum of 20 volunteers so if you do register your interest we would ask that you commit to attending (barring unforeseen circumstances obviously).
With very best wishes,
Jane Stout
 Friends of the Shuttle
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