Dragonfly recording app launched

The release of the iRecord Dragonfly App allows you to input and upload your dragonfly records in the field. With excellent identification information, the app is easy to use by amateurs and experts alike, say the British Dragonfly Society.

Created in association with the CEH, BRC, JNCC and BDS, the app has extensive galleries for each species, along with flight season graphs, habitat information and distribution maps. Coupled with the ability to upload your photo instantly on your phone, the app should give you more confidence in your records. The app also has advanced features, such as the ability to record life-stage, behaviour and species counts. This ties the app in neatly with our DragonflyWatch recording network and renders it useful for all levels of recording. The app can also be used for uploading your old records which have not yet been added to our database.

As the app runs from a website, it is available on Android, iOS and even on your laptop. If you already have an irecord account, use the details from this to log on. If you don’t already have an account the app will ask you to make one.

See the video here:

App webpage here:


Some species such as Migrant Hawker and Common Darter are still on the wing in Bexley, and you can use the app to input your existing records.

(Info from British Dragonfly Society e-newsletter.

http://www.british-dragonflies.org.uk  )

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