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London Wildlife Trust is recruiting 6 conservation trainees for
their Wild Talent project. We are looking for practical people who have a passion for wildlife but lack qualifications and would like to
find employment in the conservation sector. Trainees will gain a Level 2 work-based Diploma in Environmental Conservation. They must commit to full time training for a year, for which they will receive
£13,200, paid in instalments. The course would suit people who lack higher qualifications, but have the potential to undertake practical habitat management (e.g. safely felling trees or mowing meadows), surveying and community engagement (e.g. leading conservation volunteers or environmental educations sessions for schools). 

For more information, please see the following link:

The deadline is 30th June!

Contact for more info: Helen Wallis, Conservation Project Officer, Gunnersbury Triangle London Wildlife Trust
Direct Line: 020 8747 3881
Mobile: 07734 599 729
Tuesdays and Thursdays


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