Last chance to comment on HS2

The HS2 environmental consultation closes on Thursday.

Although not directly affecting Bexley, this proposal is impacting on homes in London and on important conservation sites throughout its route. It is important that major projects (particularly if of dubious value) don’t get to ride roughshod over legislation designed to protect wildlife and the environment – but time and time again we do see this important issues ignored.

It is important to contribute to these consultations, as we are seeing in Bexley too, so as to ensure environmental issues are not just ignored.

You can comment on the Environment Statement at this website:

There’s a simple ‘fill in your name etc. and click’ option so that you can send standard comments to the Minister responsible. Alternatively, there is access to more comprehensive information if you wish to give a more detailed response.

It took me less than a minute to express my concerns about the environmental damage.

Jonathan Rooks

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  1. says:

    Here is the wording of the letter sent:

    To Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP

    Secretary of State for Transport

    Dear Sir,

    Response to Phase 1 Environmental Statement Consultation

    Your Department recently published an Environmental Statement (ES), which set out the impact of Phase 1 of HS2 on the environment and is currently asking people for their views on this document.

    The ES makes clear that there will be numerous highly adverse environmental consequences arising from HS2. These impacts include disruption to drinking water supplies, loss of irreplaceable wildlife species and habitats and deafening noise for thousands.

    I believe these impacts are unacceptable.

    Even worse, HS2 won’t even succeed in reducing the UK’s carbon emissions. Your own business plan for HS2 forecasts just 1% of passengers will transfer from air and 4% from cars. Most trips on HS2 will either be transferring from existing rail (which emits less carbon) or wholly new trips.

    That cannot be right.

    The plans set out in the Environmental Statement indicate a consistent failure across the route of Phase 1 to live up to Government promises to deliver proper mitigation.

    Effective mitigation must be a priority if HS2 proceeds.

    You’ve asked the people to give their say on the environmental impact of HS2 – my view is that for the reasons identified above HS2 is not an environmentally sustainable project.

    This is my submission to the consultation.

    Yours faithfully,

    Jonathan Rooks

    15 Birkbeck Road

    DA14 4DB

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