Casual park users join open spaces sell-off photocall

A fair number of people turned out for this morning’s photocall at Danson Park, called at very short notice – and without much fanfare – by News Shopper (look out for the story in this coming week’s edition). Thanks to Ralph Todd, who strode into the cafe area outside the boathouse and announced what we were doing and why, we were joined by a number of park users who had previously known nothing of Bexley’s parks and open spaces sell-off proposals.

Here are a couple of photos of the group taken by Brenda Todd.

Attendees at the short-notice 'demo' against Bexley open spaces sell-off proposals.

Attendees at the very short-notice ‘demo’ against Bexley Council’s parks and open spaces sell-off proposals.

Attendees outside Danson House.

Attendees outside Danson House.

Given time to organise something properly, there is  no doubt we could drum up a much bigger crowd, and that is something we will probably have to do in future. Indeed Ralph highlighted the fact that this was likely to have to be the start of a long-running campaign, while Brenda collected details of people who wanted to be kept in touch with further developments on this issue.

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