Campaign for an Act to protect nature.

The RSPB together with the 47 Wildlife Trusts  have produced a document that is an initial discussion of the proposal that as we depend upon the natural world, this should be recognised in law.

The Nature and Welfare Act is being proposed with the invitation to all parties to include it in their manifestos.

“A high-quality natural environment and greater engagement with wildlife-rich green spaces can make a significant and effective contribution to all of these issues. It is clear that nature can be part of the solution to many of the challenges our society  faces.”

As someone who already ‘votes for nature’, I welcome this attempt to get politicians to recognise the importance of the natural environment for our health and well being even if they appear to have no concern for wildlife.

“A thriving natural environment is part of the solution to our most pressing social, economic and environmental problems.”

 The Report

Download the PDF file .

The report can be viewed online at:

Or downloaded from our website at:

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  1. ingrid says:

    This was on radio 4 today : (Shared Planet), basically a debate about the way forward for nature conservation including the monetaristion of it approach which would lead to corporate control (& we all know what priorities the mega corporations have..). Worrying. Interesting debate though, whether to work within the capitalist system or not, and I think the big fallacy around needing economic growth came through strongly.

    Good to see this document coming from the combined forces of the RSPB & Wildlife Trusts, here’s hoping…

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