Buzzards and Red Kites

With both Buzzards and Red Kites having been seen around the Hall Place area in the last few days, Joe Johnson describes the differences.

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Species spotlight – Common buzzard & red kite Joe 

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3 Responses to Buzzards and Red Kites

  1. Derek Westpfel says:

    I saw a red kite circling above the Clarence Road / Crescent area of Sidcup at about 6.30pm on Wednesday 4 May. I mentioned it to a few people and have heard that kites have also been seen in Bromley. This is the first one I’ve seen in Kent having noticed them seem to move up the M4 and M40 over the past few years.

  2. joe johnson says:

    Thanks for reading. Great sighting, yeah red kites seem to be getting more common in the area recently and I saw my first Kent red kite a couple of days back actually having seen them in many other parts of the country. There stunning birds, I cant wait to see my first Bexley kite.

    • Paul Ash says:

      Around 9am this morning I saw a red kite circling over Sidcup in the Old Farm Ave/Halfway St area. Wasn’t sure at first but through the binoculars I could clearly make out the white under-wings and the give away forked tail. It circled for about 5 minutes then headed off west. Great sight.

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