Bumblebees out early

David Rea of Ruxley Beekeepers reports that he and a colleague were called to a primary school where a colony of buff tail bumbles is in full operation, in a flower bed right in the middle of the reception class playground.

Buff-tailed Bumble Bee

Of course there are plenty of queens about now, feeding and searching for nest sites, but this colony must have broken all records for starting early. Lots of workers were charging in with loads of pollen, so there is plenty of brood down below, and the teacher said they had been at it for at least a month.

Our ‘no need to panic’ advice turned into a class lesson for the kids, and then a mass gathering whilst I released the sample I’d caught for close inspection. Good start to the season, and means its bound to be 2ft deep in snow by Easter.

photo by: tomp77
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