Brimstone seen as Braeburn bids to launch butterfly transect counts

Leslie Williams, of the London Natural History Society, who is leading the group’s project to update the mapping of butterflies in London during 2016, came over to Crayford on 12th March to meet London Wildlife Trust’s Braeburn Park Manager, Shaun Marriott, in order to discuss the best options for setting up butterfly counts at the site.

Transect counts involve walking a set route several times during the year in weather suitable for butterfly flight, and making a count of the numbers of individuals of each species seen within 5 metres of each side of the path taken. This will build a picture of numbers at the site and, when aggregated with other such data from sites elsewhere in London, a picture of trends across the capital can be derived. Obviously the more transects are monitored, the more accurate a reflection of what is really going on can be achieved from which to determine appropriate conservation actions.

As if to give an early thumbs-up to the plan, we were treated to the sight of a Brimstone butterfly in flight.

Anyone interested in helping with this valuable project should contact Shaun Marriott <>  You don’t need to be a butterfly expert to get involved, and species identification help will be provided.  Some flexibility in terms of being able to go out and do a count during a break in otherwise unsuitable weather would be an advantage, but if there are enough volunteers, then between them enough counts should get done.


With Oak woodland, outgrown Hazel coppice, scrub, grassland and a sandpit, the large Braeburn Park site offers a variety of habitats for various butterfly species. (Photo: Chris Rose)

Ffi on the Brimstone butterfly:

Chris Rose


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