New park for Crayford.

New open space and nature conservation area for Crayford.


Braeburn Park, Crayford. Photo London Wildlife Trust


Bexley Council announces the resolution of a longstanding planning issue which will see the creation of a new open space and nature conservation area at Braeburn Park, Crayford.

The London Wildlife Trust report that for Braeburn Park (the site of the Old Gun Club) “a 2012 survey revealed that the site is especially rich in invertebrates, reflecting the wide variety of natural habitat which is available. These include several unusual and scarce species, including a skipping flower beetle, a picture-winged fly and several species of flies which specialise in parasitising other insects such as wasps and shieldbugs.”

London Wildlife Trust page:

Bexley Council’s press release:

AS reported in the Newshopper


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