Final BNEF submission to SINC review

Final version of submission by Bexley Natural Environment Forum to Bexley Council’s Sites of Importance to Nature Conservation Review.

Having said it is the final version, the following was added as an addendum just in time regarding Stoneham Park.

Reference ‘Proposed New Borough Grade II SINC BxBII(?) Perry Street Farm’,
I note from the map on p289 that the Stoneham Park, which adjoins the farm on the eastern side, is not proposed for inclusion within the boundary.

The citation makes the following statements: ‘Large area of grazed horse paddocks supporting a variety of declining bird species


‘The large expanse of undisturbed open grasslands offer important feeding
opportunities for starling, house sparrow and finches in winter.

Starling and Sparrow use Stoneham Park. Starlings feed there. In the
absence of internal hedging across much of the farm, many House Sparrows,
congregate in the scrub and planted shrubs around the margins of the park,
outside of the proposed site boundary which follows the farm fence, and
then fly down onto the paddocks to feed. The scrub/shrubs are also used by
other small bird species for the same reason.

We understand that the park was included with the farm in previous Bexley
Green Grid proposals.

For these reasons we believe that Stoneham Park should be included within
the site boundary.

Chris Rose. Vice-chair, BNEF.



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