Birds in Bexley

The main resource here is the series of six-monthly Bexley Bird Reports from Ralph Todd, providing a compilation of sightings from observers around the Borough, and an invaluable record over time of which species are using which sites and how they are faring. Ralph welcomes observations from other recorders, particularly for the less-watched sites away from the Thames, Foots Cray Meadows and Danson Park.

Ralph’s reports, and additional bird reports for Danson, Sidcup and Crossness can also be viewed on the cloud at this location:

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Bexley Bird Reports:

Crossness Reports:

Danson Park Reports:

Sidcup Bird Reports:

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  2. Mike and Caroline says:

    Had a treat this afternoon – a group of 5 red kites soaring high on thermals just off Sidcup High Street. I’m sure others must have noticed them. Over the past few years we have seen the occasional individual bird in the area but never a group like this. Fantastic!

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