Bexleyheath Pied Wagtail roost pictured

Following a discussion with Martin Petchey at Crossness today about the technical difficulties of getting a decent picture of the Pied Wagtails roosting on the non-native Oak outside Carpetright – near the clocktower on Bexleyheath Broadway – he has unexpectedly taken up the challenge, as evidenced by the photos presented below.

The birds are now gathering in the lower part of the tree where a significant number of leaves are  still clinging on. It should be noted that the quality of these images is pretty much on a par with what you can see with the naked eye. [Click on them for a larger view – but note they have been compressed a bit for posting here]. I reckon about 43 birds can be made out in the pictures, which tallies with the in-roost count of about 50 I made after dark yesterday evening.

Bexleyheath Pied Wagtail roost (Photo: Martin Petchey)

Bexleyheath Broadway Pied Wagtail roost (Photo: Martin Petchey)

Zoomed in a bit .... (Photo: Martin Petchey)

Zoomed in a bit …. (Photo: Martin Petchey)

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2 Responses to Bexleyheath Pied Wagtail roost pictured

  1. ingrid says:

    Wonderful! I’d only ever seen small numbers of pied wagtails (mostly in car parks) before and never seen them roosting until 2nd Jan this year in the middle of York – I counted about a couple of hundred roosting in several trees. Needn’t have gone so far to see them….next stop Bexleyheath I think, much easier to get to!

  2. ingrid says:

    (and my photos from York are very similar to those in this post, it is difficult to get good pics of them!)

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