Bexley Park Woods

These ancient Hornbeam woods lie between Murchison Avenue and Camden Road to the west of Bexley village, and are a Borough Grade 1 Site of Importance for Nature Conservation. The River Shuttle runs through the northern edge of the woods, where it is joined by the outflow from Danson park lake.

Plants such as Sanicle and Common Cow-wheat, rare in the Borough, cling on, and a good variety of birds can be seen including Kingfisher, Nuthatch and, sometimes, the elusive Treecreeper.

The Ringlet butterfly, only found at a handful of sites in Bexley, can be seen on the abandoned allotment land on the west side of the wood in season, which is also the best place to catch a glimpse of the Purple Hair-streaks which flutter around the canopy in summer.

Bats can be seen over clearings at dusk.

A Facebook page for those who appreciate Bexley Park Woods can be found here:

The Friends of the River Shuttle group sometimes run events in the woods, including  for children. Follow this website’s calendar for details.

Habitat Report from 2010

Download the PDF file .


The report can also be downloaded from:

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