Bexley Council’s Open Space Sell Off. The sites at risk

Here are the 27 sites at risk.


The first ten sites

The first ten sites

Sites 11-19

Sites 11-19


Sites 20 - 27

Sites 20 – 27

Location map for Open Spaces sell off

Location map for Open Spaces sell off

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3 Responses to Bexley Council’s Open Space Sell Off. The sites at risk

  1. John Mercer says:

    I object to any of these sell offs. I can understand the reason to save money but not by selling off these sites which are very much a feature of the Borough. Please keep Bexley green

    John Mercer

  2. Graham Baker says:

    I think this is terrible. What can actually be done to try and stop some of these sell off’s? My immediate concern, as a resident, is site 21. I’m afraid that’ll get very little press with regards to gaining opposition, when compared to larger fields and playgrounds. Admittedly there’s not a great deal there apart from a few medium sized trees and lovely wild flowers in spring but it certain serves to improving the overall environment more than 4 new houses will. I suspect there’s already a developer somewhere, “in bed” with the council, rubbing his hands together at the prospect of making a bank load of cash out of this.

  3. Lou says:

    Hello, agree none should be sold off, it’s disgusting and esp surprising to see a tiny patch of grass on the edge of a round-a-bout at Belvedere – not suitable for development anyway???! . Clearly not green thinking local councils here…Wildlife need all the green patches available to them as a corridor between bigger habitats and people need space and green too, even those who haven’t yet realised it! We just wondered if anyone had thought of starting a 38 degrees petition about this – to gather support?

    Lou & Brayley

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