Bexley butterfly recording – Mike Robinson provides first dates and a sightings log for early 2017. Transect count volunteers sought.

Local butterfly recorders are beginning to work together to build a better picture of the distribution, flight period and numbers of Bexley’s butterflies. Mike Robinson has been collating available data to produce a list of first sightings for the year for each species (to end of March), an overall sightings log and a Small Tortoiseshell log, all of which are provided below. For details of how to contribute sightings, message Mike through his Facebook page here:

Meanwhile both Crossness Nature Reserve on Erith Marshes (Karen Sutton and Braeburn Park (London Wildlife Trust) in Crayford (contact Shaun Marriott, mob: 07710194268) are seeking people who are willing  to identify and record the numbers of butterflies on set routes on a regular basis so as to be able to determine population trends at these particular sites and contribute to London-wide data. The good news is you’re only supposed to do this in weather suitable for butterfly flight, so you’re not tied to going out on what might be a rainy day …. Training provided. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT to help with this, most species are fairly distinctive and you could do it with a friend.


Download the PDF file .


Download the PDF file .


Download the PDF file .


Chris Rose

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